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Quanah is an extensible JavaScript (JS) module for data-centric concurrency, and it can be used to construct a variety of distributed systems. QMachine, for example, uses Quanah extensively to build a World Wide Computer that can use web browsers as computational nodes. Currently, the documentation is sparse because I am writing several papers and a PhD thesis about Quanah and applications that use it.

Because Quanah is written in pure JS, it can be used in both client- and server-side applications. Thus, this repository integrates with both Bower and NPM:

$ bower install quanah
$ npm install quanah

Mirrors of this repository are available on Bitbucket, GitHub, and GitLab, but sadly, the original will not be available much longer, because Google Code is shutting down. Various project statistics are available on Codacy, GitHub and Open Hub, too.

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Note that this page has already loaded Quanah, which means that you can open your browser's developer console and experiment without even leaving this page :-)