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This project will implement the S3QL API for the Node.js platform. The prototype will use PostgreSQL for data storage initially, although SQLite will also be targeted in the future. All program logic for the governance model will be written in pure JavaScript. The implementation will be embeddable into existing applications either as a Node.js module or as a standalone program completely accessible over HTTP via the S3QL API.

Please note that the project, in its current state, is a work-in-progress port from a PHP project called S3DB, and we do not yet recommend this port for use in production systems. This project's goal is to "gut" S3DB and keep only its core model as a means to add a governance layer to any arbitrary database. A number of wonderful database projects have emerged in the last few years, but this project is not a database -- it is an implementation of an API which seamlessly abstracts database calls as governed by a formal mathematical model.

Get in touch if you're interesting in helping -- I have a wishlist with tasks suitable for all skill levels :-)